Areas to Serve

YWAM is actively seeking skilled laborers for both short-term and long-term placement. Areas of need include:

  • Construction & Maintenance: Buildings on the Banana Bank campus vary in need from minor repairs to major renovations. The staffers have visions for expanding buildings on the Banana Bank campus to make them more versatile, but a construction specialist is required to make those dreams a reality.
  • Grounds-keeping: The large Banana Bank campus is in constant need of maintenance and upkeep. The Belmopan campus is a primarily untamed jungle and will require extensive work before additional buildings can be added.
  • Electrical: There are several buildings that require a skilled electrician to do the needed upgrades.
  • Marketing: YWAM Belize needs an expert who can get the word out about what we are doing within our community, and who can help share our needs on a global scale.
  • Fundraising: To have the largest impact, we need a fundraising specialist who can help us connect with donors and grants.
  • Youth Workers: We have more opportunities to go into the schools and to mentor to youth on the YWAM campus than our small group of volunteers can do alone. Lecturers can speak on life skills, trade skills, or offer their personal testimony.
  • Administration: The needs, dreams, and visions within YWAM Belize are huge, but we need a gifted administrator who can help us break the needs down into smaller pieces so we can best use our resources to glorify God.
  • Dance Instructors: Patti is actively seeking qualified dance instructors to help at En Croix School of Dance.
  • Sports: Coaches, athletic trainers, physiotherapist, etc.
  • Tutors: Primary & high school tutors to work with our boys in the football club.
  • House-Keeping: With over 10 dorms and houses, house keeping is always in need of help to keep the base cleaned and ready to host events.