Who are we

The Lord commanded His people to make disciples of all nations, and that Great Commission is at the center of everything we do at YWAM Belize. We believe God is bringing up a generation of Christian leaders within our nation, and we are committed to investing into the youth now so they are fully equipped for those leadership roles tomorrow.

YWAM Belize has two locations: Belmopan and Banana Bank. Together the ministries reach the community and the nation through the Seven Spheres of Influence as described by Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Impacting Belize through the seven spheres of influence

Areas of Influence

One of the key foundational principles to the establishment of the University of the Nations, Youth With A Mission’s training arm, is the idea of the seven spheres, influences, or mountains, of society.


We minister to the entire family by investing in the youth through our School of Dance, Football Academy, and Legacy Youth programs. As we focus on the youth, the ministry has a ripple effect to reach the family and the community.


We are actively involved in government on both the local and national levels with one team member, John George, being on the YWAM Caribbean Leadership Team.

Economics (Business, Science, Technology)

Our Fire Chamber programs, DTS opportunities, Facebook page, and website all work together to reach our community and nation with the love of Christ.

Religion & Church

Our Meeting Hall hosts worship nights for about 300 kids on the Banana Bank Campus. We also work closely with local churches and connect volunteers with these ministries.


Santiago co-hosts the Rise and Shine show on Wednesday mornings at 7:00 AM on Plus TV. The show is also live-streamed on Facebook.


Through camps on our Banana Bank campus and an open invitation to minister within the schools themselves, we bring life skills to tomorrow’s leaders.

Celebration (Arts, Entertainment, Sports)

Our Football Academy and En Croix School of Dance are the heart of our ministry.

Join YWAM Belize Family

We would love to talk to you and pray with you regarding joining our family.